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ISBN: 9781292093154
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Edición: 6
Copyright: 2016
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A Framework for Marketing Management (Ebook)

By Philip Kotler

Descripción: The sixth edition of A Framework for Marketing Management is a concise paperback adaptedfrom Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller’s fifteenth edition of Marketing Management. Itsstreamlined approach will appeal to those who want an authoritative account of current marketingmanagement practices and theory plus a text that is short enough to allow the incorporation ofoutside cases, simulations, and projects. Like previous editions, the sixth edition of A Frameworkfor Marketing Management is dedicated to helping companies, groups, and individuals adapt theirmarketing strategies and management to the marketplace of the twenty-first century.

Part 1 Introduction to Marketing Management
Part 2 Connecting with Customers
Part 3 Strategic Brand Management
Part 4 Value Creation
Part 5 Value Delivery
Part 6 Value Communication
Part 7 Managing the Marketing Organization for Long-Term Success