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ISBN: 9781292038445
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The Art and Science of Java: An Introduction to Computer Science, 1e (e-Book VS 12m)

By Eric Roberts

Descripción: In The Art and Science of Java, Stanford professor and well-known leader in CS Education Eric Roberts emphasizes the student-friendly exposition that led to the success of The Art and Science of C. By following the recommendations of the Association of Computing Machinery’s Java Task Force, this first edition text adopts a modern objects-first approach that introduces students to useful hierarchies from the very beginning. Packages are translated into a minimally complex collection of pedagogical resources that make it easier to teach Java while retaining the language’s industrial strength.


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Programming by Example

Chapter 3. Expressions

Chapter 4. Statement Forms

Chapter 5. Statement Forms

Chapter 6. Objects and Classes

Chapter 7. Objects and Memory

Chapter 8. Strings and Characters

Chapter 9. Object-oriented Graphics

Chapter 10. Event-driven Programs

Chapter 11. Arrays and ArrayLists

Chapter 12. Searching and Sorting

Chapter 13. Collection Classes