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Field and Wave Electromagnetics

By David K. Cheng

Descripción: The many books on introductory electromagnetics can be roughly divided into two main groups. The first group takes the traditional development: starting with the experimental laws, generalizing them in steps, and finally synthesizing them in the form of Maxwell's equations. This is an inductive approach. The second group takes the axiomatic development: starting with Maxwell's equations, identifying each with the appropriate experimental law, and specializing the general equations to static and time-varying situations for analysis. This is a deductive approach. A few books begin with a treatment of the special theory of relativity and develop all of electromagnetic theory from Coulomb's law of force; but this approach requires the discus­ sion and understanding of the special theory of relativity first and is perhaps best suited for a course at an advanced level. 

CHAPTER 1 The Electromagnetic Model
CHAPTER 2 Vector Analysis
CHAPTER 3 Static Electric Fields 
CHAPTER 4 Solution of Electrostatic Problems
CHAPTER 5 Steady Electric Currents
CHAPTER 6 Static Magnetic Fields
CHAPTER 7 Time-Varying Fields and Maxwell's Equations
CHAPTER 8 Plane Electromagnetic Waves
CHAPTER 9 Theory and Applications of Transmission Lines
CHAPTER 10 Waveguides and Cavity Resonators
CHAPTER 11 Antennas and Radiating Systems