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ISBN: 9780273774334
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Edición: 4
Copyright: 2015
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Finite element analysis (Ebook)

By Saeed Moaveni

Descripción: The fourth edition, consisting of 15 chapters, includes a number of new additions and changes that were incorporated in response to ANSYS revisions and suggestions and requests made by professors, students, and professionals using the third edition of the book. 

CHAPTER 1  Introduction
CHAPTER 2 Matrix Algebra 
CHAPTER 3 Trusses
CHAPTER 4 Axial members, Beams, and Frames 
CHAPTER 5 One-Dimensional elements
CHAPTER 6 Analysis of One-Dimensional Problems 
CHAPTER 7 Two-Dimensional elements
CHAPTER 8 More Ansys
CHAPTER 9 Analysis of two Dimensional Heat transfer Problem
CHAPTER 10 Analysis of two-Dimensional solid mechanics Problems 
CHAPTER 11 Dynamic Problems  
CHAPTER 12 Analysis of Fluid mechanics Problems 
CHAPTER 13 Three-Dimensional elements
CHAPTER 14 Design and material selection
CHAPTER 15 Design Optimization