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Edición: 9
Copyright: 2016
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International Management

By Helen Deresky


Comprehensive cases: Ten comprehensive cases are new and current; one is a popular one from the eighth edition. Two of the new cases have won awards:  Leadership: Ratan Tata and  India’s Tata Group. The case selection provides increased cover- age of emerging markets and high-technology companies. A range of topics and geographic  Vodafone in Egypt; Ethical locations is included as well as the interactive “Ethics Role-Playing” case.
Integrative section: The new comprehensive case in the Integrative section—“IKEA in Russia: Emerging Market Strategies and Ethical Dilemmas”—is especially informative and challenging because it covers a range of topics from throughout the book. In addition, the popular Integrative Term Project has been retained.
The feature box called “Under the Lens” has been expanded with a total of 19 boxes. This feature gives an in-depth look at important aspects of the chapter subjects, including, for example, “Nestlé Company Creates Shared Value,” “The Global Role of Information  Technology (IT),” “Doing Business in Brazil—Language, Culture, Customs, and Etiquette,” “Modern Mexico: Reshoring—Location and Young Workforce Prove Attractive,”  “Amazon of India Uses Curry-Carrying Dabbawalas to Spice up Parcel Delivery,” “Tales from Trailing Husbands,” “Women in Business Leadership,” and “Interview: Yoshiaki  “Communicating Italian Style,” “Breaking Down Barriers for Small-Business Exports,” Fujimori: Lixil Builds a New Style of Japanese Multinational.”
Maps added throughout.
Chapter-opening profiles: There are seven new opening profiles, such as “BMG Signs Distribution Deal with Alibaba,” “Social Media Bring Changes to Saudi Arabian  “TAG Heuer in Smartwatch Alliance with Google and Intel.” 
Chapter-ending cases: There are seven new chapter-ending cases (keeping four favorites, such as, “Kelly’s Assignment in Japan”). New examples are, “Foreign Companies in China Under Attack,” “Foreign Businesses Tread Carefully as Cuba Opens Up,” and  “An Australian Manager in an American Company.”
All of the “Comparative Management in Focus” sections have been revised and updated. These provide in-depth comparative applications of chapter topics in a broad range of  countries or regions.
All of the “Management in Action” boxes have been replaced or updated; examples  consider global cybertheft, Infosys, Target, and emerging markets.
New coverage of geopolitical developments, such as in Ukraine, and their efFects on  strategy have been added throughout the ninth edition.
Updated coverage of developments in globalization and its growing nationalist backlash.
Expanded coverage on sustainability and creating shared value.
Expanded and updated coverage of management issues regarding emerging market  economies—in particular China, India, Brazil, Africa, and Russia.
Expanded section on strategies for emerging markets.
Added and expanded sections on small businesses and strategies for SMEs.

PART I The Global Manager’s environment 
PART II The Cultural Context of Global Management
PART III Formulating and Implementing strategy for International and Global Operations
PART IV Global Human Resources Management